Mystery over alien-looking creature at bottom of ocean

A mysterious-looking creature has been captured on camera in the depths of the Indian Ocean by researchers who said they believed that the species had never been documented before.

The video of the jelly-like animal was filmed from a manned submarine at the deepest point of the Java Trench in the Indian Ocean, some 7,192 meters (approximately 4.5 miles) down, according to a news release from the Five Deeps Expedition.

"It is not often we see something that is so extraordinary that it leaves us speechless," said Dr. Alan Jamieson, the Chief Scientist of the Five Deeps Expedition.

He added: "At this point we are not entirely sure what species it was, but we will find out in due course."

According to the expedition, the Indian Ocean trip was the third time the team had successfully taken its submarine to the previously-unvisited bottom of one of the world's five oceans.