SNP names candidates for European election

SNP MEP Alyn Smith heads the party’s list of candidates ahead of next month’s European Parliament election.

The SNP announced its six candidates for the European election – three men and three women – on Wednesday.

Mr Smith has been an MEP since 2004.

Christian Allard, who was born in France, is second on the list of candidates, followed by the party’s former environment minister Aileen McLeod, ex-Rutherglen and Hamilton West MP Margaret Ferrier, Scottish Borders councillor Heather Anderson, and SNP national executive committee member Alex Kerr.

Parties rank their preferred six candidates, with the number elected proportional to the share of votes received.

The SNP’s announcement of its candidates comes ahead of the party’s conference in Edinburgh this weekend.

Depute leader Keith Brown said the party will ensure Scotland’s voice is heard in Europe.

He said: “With the Westminster parties making a mess of Brexit, the European elections are Scotland’s chance to shine.

“Scotland is being dragged out of the European Union against our will. All our efforts to be heard on Brexit have been met with a brick wall.

“The people of Scotland have been ignored, the Scottish Parliament has been ignored. And, when the Scottish Government offered compromise, it was ignored too. Enough is enough.

“We need to send a clear message that we will not accept a Brexit process that silences Scotland, treats our Parliament and Government with contempt and fails to represent the interests of people in Scotland.

“And we need to take this opportunity to prove that Scotland wants something different from all this chaos – a seat and a voice at Europe’s top table.

“Only the SNP will champion Scotland’s place in Europe, and will make sure that Scotland’s voice is heard loud and clear.”

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