What the papers say – April 23

The latest from Sri Lanka – where deadly explosions tore through hotels and churches on Easter Sunday – makes the front pages on Tuesday.

The Times says families have been “destroyed” by the tragedy, reporting the full scale of the devastation is only just beginning to emerge following one of the deadliest terror attacks outside the Middle East since September 11.

The Guardian reports that the Sri Lankan government was warned about terrorist attacks two weeks before the bombings, with the health minister also saying authorities were given names of some of the suspects.

The Metro says opportunities to stop the bombings in Sri Lanka were “bungled”, while the Independent says panic returned to Colombo as police tracked down suspects said to be involved in the killings.

The DailyMirror carries the headline “A Nation Broken”.

And The Sun writes that three British families have been “torn apart”.

In other news, the DailyTelegraph carries details of a ban on non-disclosure agreements – or “gagging orders – within the NHS.

The FinancialTimes leads with plans in Barclays to cut down on bonuses for investment bankers.

And the reports on a campaign to block Boris Johnson from appearing on any future Conservative leadership ballot.

The DailyMail runs with an investigation, suggesting shoppers are being “secretly filmed” to try and make them spend more.

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