Drunk man stumble off a platform and on to tracks

Shocking footage has emerged of a drunk man falling onto tracks as he attempted to board a tram in Sheffield city centre.

The man can be seen attempting to push the button to open the doors of the tram several times, at the Castle Square stop. Failing to open the doors, the tram begins to move off with the man staggering alongside still hoping to hobble onboard.

The drunkard then falls between the moving tram and the raised platform. Trams in the city centre were delayed while emergency services attended the scene.

A spokesperson for Supertram told The Star: "We were aware of this incident that occurred over the weekend. Safety is our absolute priority and we have already begun an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident".

"Although not shown in this footage, our own CCTV footage shows that the driver stopped the tram as soon as the person fell over - the man pictured was not injured and walked away from the stop".

The man is not believed to have suffered any serious injuries.