What the papers say – April 22

Bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday which killed more than 200 people and injured many more make the headlines on Monday.

The Times says the explosions “tore through Easter church services”, calling them “co-ordinated attacks on the heart of the island’s Christian community and tourism industry”.

The Daily Telegraph says a “shadow of death” had been cast over Easter, reporting that “key intelligence” on a possible threat was not passed on to the Sri Lankan government.

The Guardian leads on political and religious reaction to the explosions which killed at least 207 people.

The Financial Times says the bomb attacks have “plunged” Sri Lanka back into violence.

The i calls the bombings a “massacre”, reporting at least 450 people were wounded.

The Independent says at least 13 arrests were made by police in connection with the bombings.

The Daily Mirror carries the headline “The Easter Massacre”, calling the bombings a “horror”.

The Daily Express leads on Britons caught up in the events.

While the Daily Star leads with a fundraiser dressed as Superman helping calm down a man who was being arrested in Norwich.

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