Brexit has brought the end of the union, warns Northern Irish journalist

Staff writer

A journalist in Northern Ireland has told LBC that Brexit has "weakened the Union", as the Tories has taken the side of the unionist undermining their position has an honest broker.

Dennis Murray told Matt Frei that if Scotland became independent it would leave the province "out on a limb", and bring about the unravelling of the United Kingdom.

Murray, who has covered The Troubles extensively, told Frei the lack of the restoration of devolved power in Northern Ireland and the Government's dependence on the DUP over Brexit are key factors.

Mr Murray went on to say: "I think it is as worrying a situation as it has been for a while and it's caused by Brexit.

"The peace process was based on a number of things, but the two key things were the British government would help encourage but also at times cajole the Unionists and the Irish government would help encourage and at times cajole Republicans and Nationalists.

In his final words to Matt Frei, he believed because of the Tories and Brexit that, "we are possibly in the last days of the Union."