Annunziata Rees-Mogg hits out at ‘broken’ political system

The sister of prominent Tory Eurosceptic Jacob Rees-Mogg said she is standing as a candidate for the Brexit Party because of the “broken” political system.

Annunziata Rees-Mogg confirmed she will stand for Nigel Farage’s new party in the East Midlands region at next month’s European elections.

Ms Rees-Mogg, who twice stood unsuccessfully for election to Westminster as a Tory, said the Conservative position under Theresa May was “confused”, with “no leadership”.

She appeared at a rally attended by around 700 activists in Nottingham ahead of the May 23 contest.

Speaking before the event, Ms Rees-Mogg, who lives in Lincolnshire, said: “I will be standing in the East Midlands, where I live with my family, and fighting to represent the people of the East Midlands – all of the counties – in order to ensure the Brexit they voted for is actually delivered.

“I think our politics is broken. It’s been very clear that we have got a Remainer parliament trying very ineffectually to represent the Leave vote.

“We need Leave representatives to fight the corner of our democracy.”

Asked why Labour and Tory Brexiteers should switch their allegiance to the newly-formed party, she replied: “When it comes to Labour, Lord Adonis has said it better than I could – if you supported Brexit, don’t vote Labour.

“For the Conservatives, they are in such a confused place. There is no leadership from the top.

“Theresa May has succumbed to the Remainer will of some of her party and ignored the rest of her party.

“If you want your voice to be heard, vote for the Brexit Party.”

Asked if she had spoken to her brother about her decision to stand for the Brexit Party, Ms Rees-Mogg replied: “Of course I have. My family is incredibly important to me and Jacob and I get on extremely well.

“He understands that I feel this is the only way to get everyone’s voices heard – to get us out of Europe for the good of our democracy, for the sake of our country.”

Ms Rees-Mogg said it had yet to be confirmed where she would be ranked on the Brexit Party’s list of candidates in the East Midlands.

“Obviously I hope to be reasonably high up and I hope we get as many votes as possible so that there as many representatives in order to make sure we’re heard.”

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