Family spot mystery panther-like creature

Cat in road
Cat in road

A family may have caught what is believed to be a large feline on video, only weeks after police and the RSPCA warned of a 'panther-like' big cat stalking a community Cornwall, where several pets disappeared.

The family may have had a close encounter with a predator after spotting an unusual looking creature walking towards their car as they drove down a quiet country lane. While the women in the car joke about the 'Beast of Bodmin' and seem unconvinced, the men aren't so sure as the try to get a closer look.

The sighting comes after forensic experts took a plaster cast of a paw print, after five cats went missing and a dog was attacked by a 'panther or puma' in a single week, raising concerns about safety in the village of Harrowbarrow near Callington.

The tracks – which measured almost five inches – were confirmed to be those of a big cat, with police saying 'something has been here which should not be'.

One local farmer claims to have discovered the creatures 'den' on his land.

James Stephenson initially raised the alarm after his dog was attacked and left bleeding from its injuries, sustaining claw marks on its shoulder.