Heart in ashes: Headlines in France after Notre Dame fire

The catastrophic fire at Notre Dame in Paris has made headlines both at home and abroad after flames tore through the historic cathedral.

French president Emmanuel Macron said sadness would be felt across the nation and pledged the country would rebuild parts ravaged by the blaze.

La Croix, a daily Catholic paper in France, carries the headline “Heart in ashes”.

An editorial piece on the front page by editor Guillaume Goubert reads: “A country such as ours, profoundly secular, de-Christianised and which suddenly felt its heart shake to see a church aflame.

“The cathedral in Paris clearly has a specific place in the collective consciousness, in France, in Europe and in the world.

“It has been the most visited monument in Europe for centuries, through wars and revolutions.

“Without anyone being aware of it, this vessel of stone and wood speaks to our rooting in a history where the Christian faith held a decisive place.”

Le Figaro carries the headline “Disaster”, writing that “Faced with this scene of loss, accounts of solidarity and sadness have flocked from across the world”, while Liberation leads with a picture of the fire with “Our tragedy”.

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