Coke can from 1988 Olympic Games is washed up on Scottish beach

A Coke can from 1988 has been found on a beach near Edinburgh by volunteers clearing up rubbish.

The aluminium can, which features the logo of the Seoul Olympics, was among more than 400 items of rubbish collected from Cramond Beach. One volunteer called the it a 'shocking eye-opener'.

The clean-up was carried out by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and resulted in 86kg of waste being cleared.

MCS Scotland Conservation Officer Catherine Gemmell, who organised the event, said high numbers of wet wipe numbers were frequently found at the location.

She added: "One of the most startling finds was a Coca Cola can from 1988 - supporting the Olympics, held that year in Seoul, South Korea.

"This really unusual find shows that when it comes to litter there is no 'away' and we need to ensure that anything we are using today is not being picked up by volunteers in 30 or more years' time."

"This can is the very reason that we're calling on the Scottish government to implement an 'all in' deposit return scheme for drinks bottles and cans."

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