Timetable for UK’s participation in EU elections

The process required by law for the UK to take part in this year’s EU parliamentary elections must begin on Friday.

Here is how the timetable will unfold, according to the Electoral Commission:

– Friday April 12

Deadline for the notice of election to be published for south-west England. This notice must be published earlier than the rest of the UK because it needs to be aligned with the electoral timetable for Gibraltar, whose deadline is April 12 and whose votes are counted as part of the South West.

– Monday April 15

Deadline for election notices to be published for the rest of the UK.

– Wednesday April 24

Closing date for nomination papers and lists of candidates of registered parties standing in the South West.

– Thursday April 25

Closing date for nominations and candidate lists in all other regions.

– Tuesday May 7

Deadline for applications to register to vote.

– Wednesday May 8

Deadline for postal vote applications.

– Wednesday May 15

Deadline for proxy vote applications.

– Thursday May 23

Election day. Polls are open between 7am and 10pm.

– Sunday May 26

Results declared from 10pm.