Passer-by 'twirled' by dust devil at California skate park

When a damaging dust devil swirled through a skate park in Fairfield, California a bystander was caught up in it's vortex and sent "twirling".

The City of Fairfield posted its CCTV footage to Facebook showing the dust devil at Alan Witt Park, and the man who was caught up in it.

The video shows him being spun about, as strips from the roof of a nearby building fly about.Fortunately, the city said, no one was injured.

One of the group of friends shown running for shelter, Orlando Rosario, told NBC: "All of a sudden everything started coming off the roof and flying everywhere," .

The video shows what appears to be skateboards being thrown up in to the sky by the winds with one brave (or stupid!) person struggling to keep their footing was even spotted twirling in the whirlwind as it ripped off roofing material from a building at the park.

Courtney Vann, a teacher at the school across the street, said she thought the strong wind was a tornado.

"I was over here coaching soccer with my girls team and we heard a loud sound," Vann said. "After about 10 seconds, I said to myself, 'I am pretty sure that is an actual tornado,' and I started thinking, 'What if those metal pieces come towards us?' So we actually started running for cover."