Angry client forcibly shaves hairdresser's head

A dissatisfied customer attacked and forcibly shaved his hairdresser's head at a salon in Chongqing, southern China.

The CCTV video shows a customer named Chen complaining to another worker about his hair, that had just been cut by a hairdresser named Li, before holding down Li and shaving his head.

Chen can be seen grabbing a pair of scissors from the table and attempting to cut Li's hair, while Li walks backwards to try to escape.

However, Chen drags him back violently and presses him on to a chair, saying: "I am not going out. I am going to shave hair for you. Sit down! Do you sit or not? Sit down!"

Li's hair was partially shaved by Chen before he finally escaped and ran out of the salon.

Police detained Chen after Li claimed he suffered skin trauma to his head following the ordeal, according to reports.

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