UK to face mixed bag of rain and sun to start the week

April showers will continue this week with chances of rain across many parts of the UK, according to the Met Office.

The best chance of seeing sunshine will be in areas surrounding Cambridgeshire, which could see temperatures reach the late teens on Monday afternoon.

London could see some bright spells on Sunday, but nearer to Monday heavy showers are expected. Temperatures will vary between 7C to 8C overnight, pushing up to the mid-teens on Monday afternoon.

Scotland and areas in the north will face the coldest temperatures, dropping to freezing overnight on Sunday, with a little frost expected. 

Slight easterly winds will be felt in the north of England on Sunday night and into Monday, although not significant enough for any warnings or disruption to travel.

Rain is expected to move across areas in the Midlands, south-east England, north and east Wales and into Northern Ireland.

Areas in sunshine should be warm, although forecasters predict it will be chilly where cloudy.

In Wales, it should be fairly clear in the south, but with a strong chance of rain in the north.

The Met Office warned that a band of heavy rain will move across England in the south on Tuesday. Areas in the north of England and north Wales are expected to be sunnier.

Most of the week is expected to be dry in the UK, apart from those chances of showers.

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