Brexit is a distraction from tackling climate change, Green conference told

Greens have warned that Brexit is a “distraction” which is diverting politicians away from tackling the “most important” issue in the world – climate change.

Scottish Green co-convener Maggie Chapman insisted there was just over a decade for politicians to act to prevent “climate breakdown”.

While she insisted her party would “fight this Tory Brexit all the way” she also said: “One the aims of Brexit is to distract us from the important issues of the day.”

Maggie Chapman (third right) with Scottish Green MSPs (Laura Paterson/PA)

Ms Chapman told the Scottish Green Party conference in Edinburgh: “The most important thing in the world is that we act now on the environmental and economic crises. Eleven years is our deadline for taking decisive action. Eleven years.

“Eleven years ago we faced the biggest financial crash in living memory. And we have not managed to deal with all of the fallout from that, nevermind ensure it never happens again.

“So we really do have our work cut out for us to make the next 11 years really count.”

But she also used her speech to stress dealing with global warming was not just a task for political leaders, arguing everyone has a party to play.

Scottish Green co-convenor @MaggieChapman is addressing #SGPConf now

— Scottish Greens (@scotgp) April 6, 2019

“This isn’t a job just for politicians or political party office bearers,” she said.

“It is for all us. Everyone has their own particular role to play.”

Ms Chapman told Green activists: “We have to draw as many people as possible into social movements, building, supporting and interacting across social and political divides and tribes.”

At a time of political uncertainty she insisted: “We know one thing for certain: that the age of individual action is dead. Now is the time for social movements to seize power.”

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