Nine in 10 MSPs attend anti-sexism workshops

The vast majority of MSPs have attended culture of respect training workshops, which explain the need for zero tolerance of sexism and sexual harassment.

Some 90% of members took part in the three-hour training sessions after concerns were raised about sexual harassment in Scottish politics.

The workshops focused on the principle of zero tolerance, explained what constitutes sexual harassment and how to deal with inappropriate behaviour.

Those attending also learned about the importance of understanding the impact of unconscious bias.

A total of 90 workshops were held between October 2018 and March, with the vast majority at the Scottish Parliament while others took place in Aberdeen, Dumfries, Glasgow, and Inverness.

  • Scottish Parliamentary Service staff - 94%
  • MSPs - 90%
  • MSP staff 47%

All those working at Parliament were eligible to attend and 90% of MSPs did so.

Less than half (47%) of MSPs’ staff attended, while 94% of Scottish Parliamentary Service staff took part.

Of the 1,072 people who went to a workshop, 1,063 gave feedback, with 93% indicating satisfaction with the workshop overall and and 87% saying it enhanced their knowledge of the subject matter.

A Scottish Parliament spokesman said: “Almost 1,100 people – including 90% of MSPs – attended culture of respect training that focused on zero tolerance and what constitutes unacceptable behaviour.”

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