Ministers urged to prioritise divorce law reform by campaign group

Ministers should prioritise divorce law reform and introduce a kinder separation process as soon as possible, a lawyers’ campaign group says.

Resolution, whose members specialise in family court issues, has repeated a call for the introduction of “no-fault divorce”.

Chair Margaret Heathcote says she will outline concerns in a speech at Resolution’s annual conference in Manchester on Friday.

Ms Heathcote said there is a danger that reform will fall by the wayside because MPs are tied-up with debating Brexit.

She said: “If you’re separating, and you’re faced with having to make unnecessary and unhelpful accusations against your ex on the divorce petition, there is nothing more important than this reform in the law.”

Resolution says no-fault divorce will bring England and Wale into line with countries including Australia and the United States.

Ms Heathcote said Lord Chancellor David Gauke had indicated that plans were in place to introduce legislation.

But she added: “We’re grateful to the Lord Chancellor for his support on this issue, and hope he makes good on his plans soon.

“However, things change quickly in Westminster, and with the current degree of uncertainty, we’re asking him and his colleagues to make sure this change happens as soon as possible.

“Otherwise, every day that passes sees thousands of couples at risk of needless acrimony and denied the right to a kinder divorce process.”

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