Dog dangling by lead from balcony rescued by police

A dog that was dangling with a lead around its neck from a first-floor balcony was rescued by police.

Officers arrived at the scene in Cleveland, Ohio, to find Cain, a pitbull cross, being choked by his lead as he dangled precariously over a slanted porch roof.

With nobody able to reach the dog, Officer Michael Phelps was quick to act, standing on the porch fence and supporting Cain from below to prevent him from being choked.

Soon other officers arrived and were able to unhook Cain and free him, as shown on bodycam footage captured by police.

Cain runs off seemingly unhurt
Cain was taken in by a local shelter after his traumatic day (Cleveland Police Department)

"I wanted to give him a chance to breathe," Phelps told Fox 8 Cleveland.

"My main concern was making sure the dog would be OK."

Cain, and another dog who lived at the address, were taken in by a local shelter.

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