‘The final humiliation’ – Papers have their say on May’s latest Brexit move

Theresa May has offered Jeremy Corbyn talks on finding a way out of the Brexit "logjam".

Here the papers give their view on the Prime Minister's move, which came after a marathon meeting of her Cabinet.

The Daily Mail says Mrs May has taken an "enormous gamble", but praises her "selfless act of statesmanship".

"When push came to shove, Theresa May put the country's interests over the partisan concerns of the Tory Party," the paper says.

"Her current position is the logical and inevitable consequence of (Brexiteers') ideological intransigence. The Mail takes no pleasure in saying that we have warned them for months that (hers) is the best deal they would ever get. And now, because of their stubbornness, it is in danger of vanishing into the ether."

Theresa May lays out her plan (Jack Taylor/PA)

The Guardian says Mrs May's offer is "years too late" and "seems designed to share the blame rather than the glory".

"In leaving it so late and in setting these terms, Mrs May is playing with fire," the paper says.

"If there is no prospect of agreeing a form of Brexit and if there is no extension forthcoming, the UK will either have to revoke article 50 or depart with no deal a week on Friday. Should the country face that predicament, it will be Mrs May's fault."

The Daily Mirror says a key test of Mrs May's sincerity in inviting Mr Corbyn for talks will be if he is allowed to walk into Downing Street through the front door.

"If talks are hidden away in a back office, suspect bad faith," the paper says.

The paper says: "Responsibility for the Tory Brexit chaos rests with her. But this is Mr Corbyn's moment to demonstrate he is a Prime Minister in waiting – a politician who can lead, and deliver. Go for it."

The Daily Telegraph says that Mrs May's need to offer talks to Mr Corbyn is "the final humiliation for her".

"Mr Corbyn will ask for a customs union at the very least; yet only 37 Conservative MPs voted for that option when it came up in the House on Monday," the paper says.

"It is anathema to scores of Tories who see little point in leaving the EU to have no control over the UK's future trade policy."

Here is tomorrow's @Daily_Express front page:

– It's time for national unity... over to you Mr. @jeremycorbyn– Pension trap: 50,000 paying too much tax– @lorraine Kelly: My secrets to keeping young and fit as I turn 60#TomorrowsPapersTodaypic.twitter.com/Cgx4qSZMbX

— Daily Express (@Daily_Express) April 2, 2019

The Daily Express says it is time for Mr Corbyn to "put nation before party".

"Brexiteers who wanted the cleanest possible break with Brussels and refused to back Mrs May's deal will be riled at the sight of a controversial Labour leader now getting to shape Britain's future," the paper says.

"But Mr Corbyn may pay a painful political price if by helping deliver Brexit he horrifies Remainers in his own ranks. Selfish political calculations should be set aside."

The Sun says that it "loathes" the idea of a softer Brexit, but it would unblock the "paralysing stalemate" in Parliament.

"Nobody can ever accuse Theresa May of putting party before country. Her decision could split hers right down the middle," the paper says.

"It's now time to see if Jeremy Corbyn has the same moral fibre. Previous evidence – over not just the past few years but a lifetime – suggests otherwise."

Writing in the The Times, Daniel Finkelstein says that a long extension to Brexit would mean a "good chance that Brexit will never happen".

"The European Union is close to a diplomatic and political triumph. Against all the odds it may be able to conclude its negotiation with the United Kingdom achieving everything it could possibly have wanted," he writes.

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