Watch ‘Batman’ try to intervene in incident, get turned away by armed police

Armed police in Canada received a surprise while responding to a recent incident as a man in a full Batman costume tried to offer his assistance.

A video posted to Facebook shows four police cars surrounding a house in the town of Kelowna, British Columbia, and officers aiming down the barrels of their guns before the wannabe caped crusader – complete with shining body armour, mask and utility belt – approached.

"Is Batman here to save the day? Like, seriously?" said Melissa Parent, who filmed the incident, in her video.

"Yeah, we were freaking out a little. Only in Kelowna would you see Batman showing up to save the day!" she wrote.

A black flat-bed truck with a batman sticker on the back was parked opposite the incident as the Dark Knight conversed with officers.

After a short period of time, "Batman" walked away from the scene before briefly turning back and finally returning to his vehicle.

Kelowna RCMP said Batman's presence was "an unwanted distraction and foolish", according to local media.

"He's the hero Kelowna deserves, but not the one it needs right now," quipped one Facebook user.

'Batman' has yet to be identified although some commentators pointed out the Kelowna Fan Experience (KFX), a three-day event in which fans celebrate their favourite fictional characters, took place the same weekend.

"He's out on a daily basis, this wasn't related to any sort of con[ference]," insisted Miss Parent.

"Hired him for my kids birthday one year, was awesome," wrote another Facebook user.

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