Brexit anxiety adds to Scots’ concerns over economy – survey

People in Scotland are more pessimistic about the economy than any other part of the UK, mainly due to anxiety over Brexit, research suggests.

The study for financial services company Just Group found that almost three-fifths of Scots (58%) think the UK economy will get worse over the next year, compared to 40% in London.

Of those who think their own financial situation is likely to worsen, 77% of Scots blamed Brexit, compared to 55% of people in London.

Just a quarter of those in Scotland (24%) said they think their own financial situation will improve over the next 12 months, compared to 40% of Londoners.

Almost half of those questioned north of the border (47%) said they expect the property market to deteriorate over the next year.

Stephen Lowe, communications director at Just Group, said: “It’s clear that Brexit, and the uncertainty surrounding it, is having a profound effect on people’s sense of financial security.

“Unsurprisingly there are marked regional variations, with those in Scotland telling us they feel more vulnerable to the fallout from Brexit than any other region in the UK.”

He added: “Being prudent with money today to have a little more in the future is a good idea regardless of how the economy performs – so the cautious outlook expressed by people in Scotland could work to their advantage.”

Opinium Research surveyed 4,000 UK adults between January 17 and 24. Of those, 338 adults were in Scotland and 524 were in London.