Let the Queen decide: Twitter users devise 17th alternative Brexit option

Letting the Queen decide is just one of many alternative Brexit options social media users devised as the Commons prepared to vote on alternative Brexit proposals.

After Parliament seized control of the Commons agenda to force a series of “indicative votes”, MPs put forward 16 proposals to be considered. The last of these was “option P”, Marcus Fysh’s proposal to manage a no-deal Brexit.

Before long, however, some imaginative Twitter users were putting forward their suggestions for a 17th proposal – or “option Q”.

Twitter user @Brimcrob said option Q should read: “Reinstate the Divine Right of the monarchy. Send the knights of the realm on quest for the Holy Grail.”

Others’ suggestions were less Brexit-specific.

“Option Q. Set menu B, but with king prawns instead of BBQ spare ribs,” tweeted user @100climbs.

Others appeared to just want an end to the Brexit process.

Christopher Allen tweeted: “Option Q (Chris Allen): We pray for the sweet release of death from a timely natural disaster, alien overlord, or a returning vengeful creator.”

While user @Jon_Chalk1 referenced the process most take when something goes wrong in computing: “Option Q: CTRL+ALT+DEL.”

Unfortunately for Twitter users, their suggestions did not make it into the final eight selected by speaker John Bercow.

From the 16 put forward by MPs, Mr Bercow selected votes including one championing a no-deal Brexit, Labour’s vision for the process put forward by Jeremy Corbyn and a plan to revoke Article 50.

MPs will vote “Yes” or “No” – or abstain – to each of the options put before them on a paper ballot, rather than the traditional Commons voting system.

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