Five-month-old baby boy dies after parents ‘perform home circumcision’

Police in Italy are investigating after a baby boy died after his parents allegedly carried out a circumcision on him at their home.

The unidentified five-month-old was rushed to hospital in Bologna by helicopter having suffered a cardiac arrest on Friday afternoon, according to the ANSA news agency.

Despite being treated by medics, the boy died later on the same night.

The prosecutor's office in the northern province of Reggio Emilia has now opened a manslaughter investigation, while an autopsy on the baby is set to take place.

This is not the first time a baby in Italy has died as a result of a reported circumcision.

In December, a two-year-old boy in Rome died of severe blood loss after a circumcision went wrong.

His twin brother was taken to intensive care but survived the botched operation.

The founder of the association of foreign doctors in Italy (AMSI), Foad Aodi, has appealed to health authorities to allow circumcisions at more affordable prices.

He has also urged a lowering of the age of access to help fight home circumcision attempts.

This article first appeared on Yahoo

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