Dominic Grieve: I’ve no intention of leaving Tories despite confidence motion

Former attorney general Dominic Grieve has said he has “no intention” of the leaving the Conservative Party despite facing a confidence motion by his local association next week.

Mr Grieve, a prominent Remain supporter who this week said he had “never felt more ashamed” to be a member of the Tories, will seek to win the vote on March 29 – the day Britain was due to leave the European Union.

He acknowledged that there were members of his association who were “dissatisfied”, but said they were “entitled to express their views”.

The Beaconsfield MP told the Press Association: “I have a very supportive association. I’ve many friends in it. I can’t predict what will happen. I accept that Brexit is a divisive subject and people have strong views about it.”

He added: “I have no idea what signatures have been raised to call a vote of confidence.

“On Friday there is an AGM. My officers of my association have tabled a motion of confidence in me, which some members intended to oppose.”

Mr Grieve said he could not predict the result of the vote, but said it had been “organised in part by the Ukip candidate who was against me in 2017 but is now a member of the association”.

He added: “People are entitled to have their view about this. I make that absolutely clear, including being critical of me if they wish.”

Asked if he would consider leaving the party, he said: “I’ve been a member of the Conservatives for 43 years. I’ve no intention of leaving it.”

On Wednesday, Mr Grieve issued a strongly-word broadside against the Prime Minister in the Commons, arguing that unless she “stands up and starts doing something different, we are going to spiral down into oblivion”.

He said: “When…the Prime Minister came to the despatch box today at PMQs, I confess I think it was the worst moment I have experienced since I came into the House of Commons.

“I have never felt more ashamed to be a member of the Conservative Party or to be asked to lend her support.

“She spent most of her time castigating the House for its misconduct, at no stage did she pause to consider whether is it in fact the way she is leading this Government which might be contributing to this situation.”

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