Charles and the chocolate factory: Prince of Wales tries sweet treats

The Prince of Wales emulated Charlie in the chocolate factory when he visited a chocolate producer in Grenada.

The prince and his wife were given a colossal hamper full of goodies to mark their visit to House of Chocolate in the capital St George’s, which produces an array of sweet treats.

Charles eyed up the chocolate liqueurs joking: “I might have to try some of that on the way back!”

Chocolate educator Magdalena Field told the couple the story of how chocolate is made.

Charles and Camilla
Charles and Camilla were told the story of how chocolate is made (Chris Jackson/PA)

While the prince nodded at the commentary, his wife’s eyes drifted over to dozens of bars of chocolate on display and she could not resist buying some.

Charles had to gently tap his wife on the shoulder to encourage her to move on to see the next showcase of desserts and carefully crafted truffles.

Charles quipped: “They are all very good for you, I’m sure! Did you make all these yourselves, even the chocolate gold?”

The couple were then given some cocoa tea to try, but seemed surprised at the bitter taste.

The Prince and The Duchess visit the House of Chocolate where they learn about the history of the cocoa industry in Grenada 🍫

— Clarence House (@ClarenceHouse) March 23, 2019

Camilla was not too keen but Charles seemed to be a big fan and asked to finish hers as well, which he promptly did.

They were then given a whole selection of chocolate samples to try, which they enjoyed.

Flavours included charcoal roasted beans, dark with bee pollen, sea salt, nutmeg and spices.

Camilla was taken with the bee pollen variety while Charles was very keen on the spice, claiming the pairing was a particular favourite, according to staff.

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