Two men smash each others' cars in broad daylight

A pair of raging thugs were caught on camera attacking each other's car in Brockley, south London - one wielding a baseball bat while the other had a machete.

Terrified locals watched on as the first man smashed another's car with a bat before being chased around the road by a fat man armed with a machete.

The two motorists parked in the middle of a residential street and emerged shouting and screaming at each other after trying to "ram each other off the road."

At first, the Audi driver was seen swinging his baseball bat at the black Mercedes, but a large man got out of that car and started chasing him - with a huge machete.

One witness told News Shopper: "Before the video started recording the guy with a machete ran back and put a gun back in the car.

"He was waving it around and traffic was trying to scurry away."

The video concludes with both men returning to their cars and driving away.

"My friend saw them driving on the other side of Brockley and they were trying to ram each other off the road," the witness added.

Following the incident in Drakefell Road, a machete, air pistol, baseball bat and other alleged weapons were recovered by police.

Police were called at around 3pm but the video was recorded before armed officers arrived.

A spokesman for the Met Police said "people were seen in possession of weapons and a firearm".

He added: "One man has been arrested on suspicion of firearm offences."

A further video of the incident can be seen below:

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