Minister accuses Labour MP of ‘misogynist bully boy’ behaviour in Commons clash

A Labour MP faced suggestions he was a “misogynist bully boy” during a furious Commons clash with a Government minister.

Conservative frontbencher Claire Perry made the claim after Clive Lewis (Norwich South) gesticulated and shouted as she responded to his question in the chamber.

At one point, Business Minister Ms Perry asked if Mr Lewis was going to ask her to “get on my knees next” – a reference to a previous incident involving the Labour MP.

In 2017, Mr Lewis was criticised over a video in which he jokingly told a man to “get on your knees bitch”.

Speaking during business, energy and industrial strategy questions, Mr Lewis criticised the Government’s rhetoric on climate change and asked if they would ever announce a cut in the “lavish support it doles out to its friends in the fossil fuel industry”.

Ms Perry replied: “It’s news to me that the Labour Party’s policy is to be anti the oil and gas industry that employs so many hundreds of thousands of people.

“And when it comes to rhetoric, (Mr Lewis) should just go and practise in front of the bathroom mirror.”

At this point Mr Lewis waved his arms in mock horror before laughing, with Ms Perry adding: “Perhaps he’s going to ask me to ‘get on my knees next’, Mr Speaker.

“What we do on this side of the House is focus on facts.”

Mr Lewis then shouted “maybe answer the question”, which prompted the minister to say: “He was very clear that he wasn’t a misogynist bully boy.

“I think his activity and behaviour today suggests quite the opposite.”

Mr Lewis continued gesticulating as Ms Perry concluded her answer, in which she said the Government has “not slashed support for renewable energy”.

On a later question, asked by Labour MP Dennis Skinner (Bolsover), Ms Perry said many people, including the GMB union, supported fracking.

This prompted Mr Skinner to shout “they’re wrong”, with Ms Perry replying: “He says the unions are wrong, that’s probably a first.

“If he’d stop yelling – crikey, I do have to say Mr Speaker, I feel desperately sorry for female members on the Opposition benches if this is how their colleagues treat them, being howled down, winked at – he’s not in his place (Mr Lewis) – and kisses blown after a question.

“The brocialists are in full control of the Labour Party.”

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