Riverdance in numbers a quarter of a century on

Riverdance will return to the UK with an updated production to mark its 25th anniversary.

Here is a look at the hit show in numbers.

– 25 million

The show has been seen by over 25 million people in 515 venues worldwide, throughout 47 countries across six continents.

– 10 million

More than 10 million Riverdance DVDs and videos have been sold.

Royalty – Queen Elizabeth II State Visit to Ireland
Riverdance Lead Dancers Padraic Moyles and Maria Buffini performing at the National Convention Centre Dublin for the Queen’s state visit (Maxwells/PA)

– 11,500

There have been 11,500 performances.

– 2,000

The show has featured 2,000 performers from 29 countries.

– 71

There have been 71 marriages and long-term relationships between cast members in the last 25 years.

PAF Riverdance/de Gallai/Doyle
Former Riverdance stars Brendan de Gallai and Joanna Doyle (PA)

– 108

There have been 108 babies born, with more on the way.

– 17,500

There have been 17,500 costumes worn by performers in the show.

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