DUP urged to ‘move back from the brink’ of no-deal Brexit

The DUP must step back from the brink of pushing Northern Ireland to a no-deal Brexit, Sinn Fein has warned.

Party vice president Michelle O’Neill said she believes a “crash out” is looking increasingly likely.

“That is catastrophic, that is huge and we have been walked to that position by the DUP,” she said.

Mrs O’Neill indicated her party would support an extension of Article 50, but only if there is a clear purpose for doing so, such as facilitating a second referendum or a general election.

Criticising her erstwhile partners in powersharing for opposing moves to take a no-deal off the table, Mrs O’Neill accused the DUP of prioritising party interest over the people of the region.

“They need to move back from the brink,” she said at Parliament Buildings, Stormont.

“They need to realise what they are doing to the livelihoods of the people here. To our economic prosperity, to our peace agreement.

“They are adding to the danger and the fear and the likelihood of a no-deal crash out.

“It is about time that they started to prioritise the livelihoods of people here over their own selfish party interests.”

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