Driver brakes just in time as MPV spins into fast lane on A1

A reduced speed limit proved no guarantee against a dangerous situation on the A1 near Darlington.

Chris Roullier was driving next to a lorry along a stretch of motorway that had a 50 mph speed limit due to roadworks.

All of a sudden, a car, which had come into contact with the lorry on its inside, spun across the lane in front of Roullier, before crashing into the median barrier.

The dashcam's digital display shows Mr Roullier was travelling at 47mph before having to go into an emergency stop.

It is unclear from the footage why the crashed Vauxhall Zafira was driving on the inside of the HGV, but it must have been quite a shock for Roullier, who reacts with admirably quick reflexes to avoid a collision.

In the wake of the crash one person in the back of the Zafira can be seen holding their head while the lorry carries on along the road. Roullier can be heard saying: 'All right, all right, all right, is everyone okay, everyone okay?'

Roullier told Storyful there were no injuries to the three occupants of the car that was hit, and that Durham Police attended the scene.

A Durham Police spokesman said officers attended the incident which brought traffic to a temporary halt.

They also confirmed there were no injuries to any of the drivers or occupants involved.

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