Thousands back call to spare dogs after boy loses hand

Almost 200,000 people have signed a petition to save two dogs after one bit off a four-year-old boy's "entire hand" in the US state of Utah.

The boy put a sock on his hand and reached through a fence at his home on Sunday to play with two Huskies. However, one of the dogs bit his hand, severing it above the wrist.

The person who started the petition, Jessica Nusz, said her best friend's canines were involved in the "unfortunate accident".

"Bear who was playing with what he thought was a toy he bit down too hard and didn't see that there was a child on the other side of the fence," according to the campaign's description.

The boy is recovering from surgery. Authorities were unable to find the youngster's missing limb and believe it was eaten by one of the dogs.

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