Grandmother of missing three-year-old boy asks Home Secretary for help

A woman whose daughter is missing with her three-year-old grandson has asked Home Secretary Sajid Javid for help.

Donna Yarrow has written to Mr Javid telling of her desperation and fear following the disappearance of daughter Ellie Yarrow-Sanders and grandson Olly Sheridan.

Miss Yarrow-Sanders, who is in her 20s, disappeared with Olly in July after becoming embroiled in family court litigation with ex-partner Patrick Sheridan.

A High Court judge overseeing the case has made public appeals for help finding Miss Yarrow-Sanders and her son.

Family court hearings had been staged in private but Mr Justice Williams has said members of the family, who come from Basildon, Essex, can be identified in media reports in the hope that publicity will produce information.

Miss Yarrow has now asked Mr Javid to give her daughter “amnesty”.

“We need to give her reassurance that she will not be prosecuted or charged for doing what she thought was best,” she says in a letter to Mr Javid.

“We also need reassurance that Olly will not be ripped from his mother’s arms.”

She adds: “I pray you to do the right thing, and that I can see my little girl and grandson again.”

Miss Yarrow said she was desperate to see her daughter and Olly but scared about what would happen to them.

Mr Justice Williams had initially raised the alarm about Olly and Miss Yarrow-Sanders at a hearing in December.

He said then that he was gravely concerned for Olly’s welfare.

In February, he used Twitter to send Miss Yarrow-Sanders a come home plea.

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