Dog finds abandoned puppies in field after hearing their cries for help

Four newborn puppies that were stuffed in a basket and dumped in a flooded field were saved after a pet dog heard them crying.

The hapless little pooches were found half-submerged in a waterlogged rice field in Bali, Indonesia.

German visitor Christian Eiermann was walking his own dog which heard the faint whimpers for help and bounded over.

Christian followed the dog and noticed the tiny puppies with their fur wet and dirty in the flooded paddy field in the Seminyak district of the island.

He said: ''I was walking and by chance, I decided not to listen to my favourite podcast and removed my earplugs while walking through the paddies."

''I'm not sure how the puppies got there but I'm relieved that I found them.''

Through the help of a friend, the puppies were able to have a mother dog for weaning. The foster mother dog is a Pomeranian who just gave birth.

Christian added: ''The puppies wouldn't have survived without the mother dog. One of them refused to drink from the bottle. She was drinking for the first time this morning from the new mother.''

One of the puppies has already found a foster family while the other three were left with Christian in his home playing with his eight-month-old baby boy.