Cars and pets among top priorities for renters searching for properties

Renters searching for properties are particularly keen to find a suitable home for their car and their pets, research suggests.

Property website Zoopla analysed data from its keyword property search tool to find the most sought-after features of a rental home across Britain.

“Parking” was the most popular search word, followed by “garage” and “pets”.

Zoopla said the search term “pets” has grown in popularity over the past year, jumping from fifth place to third.

There were also variations across Britain.

In London, “gym” and “ensuite” were among the top 10 most popular search terms for rental homes. These terms did not make the top 10 in any other region.

With floorspace in London at a premium price, the search term “studio” was also popular.

In Scotland, “furnished” was the most popular search term, followed by “pets” and “parking”.

The ninth most popular search term in Scotland was “dishwasher”.

In Wales, “garage” was the most popular search term, followed by “parking” and “pets”.

The only region of England where “parking” was not the most popular search term was the North East – where “garage” was in first place.

In the North East and South West of England, home hunters are keen on countryside dwellings, with “rural” and “cottage” featuring on tenants’ lists of priorities in these regions.

In the West Midlands and the East of England “conservatory” was on the list of popular requirements.

Annabel Dixon, a spokeswoman for Zoopla, said: “Parking and garages were a consistent requirement for tenants across the nation.

“While this may not be the most exciting feature of a home, our research clearly shows that landlords can make their properties much more attractive by creating or enhancing existing parking.

“Whether they re-landscape their garden to include a driveway or apply to drop the kerb outside their house, these changes could pay dividends.”

Here are the top ten search terms for rental properties across Britain, according to Zoopla:
1. Parking
2. Garage
3. Pets
4. Furnished
5. Garden
6. Student
7. Bills included
8. Balcony
9. Bungalow
10. Detached