Brexiteers mocked in spoof of Nigel Farage’s famous ‘breaking point’ billboard

Leading Brexiteers have been mocked as a "tide of incompetents" in a billboard campaign imitating Nigel Farage's famous "breaking point" poster.

Campaigners Led By Donkeys and youth group For Future's Sake inserted the faces of more than 70 "Brexit elite and political leaders" – including Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Aaron Banks, Rupert Murdoch and Jacob Rees-Mogg – to the image of a line of people Mr Farage used to campaign for Brexit.

An anti-Brexit billboard featuring Brexit supporters is unveiled in Smith Square (PA)

Mr Farage's billboard received criticism at the time for using a 2015 photo of migrants crossing the Croatia-Slovenia border to illustrate how he said the European Union had "failed" Britain.

He later defended the choice of image, saying "it's a photograph that all newspapers carried. It's an example, actually, of what is wrong inside the European Union".

Organisers of the new campaign, which will roll out across the country next week, said redesigning the "foul" poster was an attempt "to go a little way towards cleansing our country of that noxious moment".

Anti-Brexit billboard unveiling
Nigel Farage launching the Ukip EU referendum poster campaign in 2016 (PA)

A spokesman told the Press Association: "It's not desperate people fleeing war who have brought our country to the brink. It's not refugees who are threatening our access to cancer drugs, closing our factories and crashing our currency.

"Children seeking asylum aren't responsible for a policy that could see Britain suffering food shortages. All of that is on Farage and his hard-right Brexit allies."

A big screen in Brussels' de Brouckere Place was featured a message reminding Theresa May she supported Remain. (Led By Donkeys/PA)
A big screen in Brussels' de Brouckere Place was featured a message reminding Theresa May she supported Remain (Led By Donkeys/PA)

Led By Donkeys' last campaign used donations to pay for a giant billboard in Brussels, timed to coincide with the Prime Minister's visit, quoting a Theresa May speech from 2016 when she said: "I believe it is clearly in our national interest to remain a member of the European Union."

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