Search of Pakistani mountain for climbers called off

The search for two climbers missing on the world’s ninth-highest mountain has been called off.

Briton Tom Ballard and Italian Daniele Nardi have been missing for more than a week on Nanga Parbat in Pakistan, known as “Killer Mountain”.

They set out on February 22 and last made contact on February 24 while at about 6,300 metres (20,700ft).

Karrar Haidri, secretary of the Alpine Club of Pakistan, said rescue efforts had ended after another unsuccessful day on Wednesday.

Nanga Parbat
The pair had been climbing Nanga Parbat in Pakistan (Sandy Allen/PA)

He added the team, Pakistan’s military and the climbers’ families and friends had done everything possible to find them.

Two Pakistani mountaineers had been with the pair initially but decided to turn back because they thought it was too dangerous.

Mr Ballard is the son of Alison Hargreaves, the first woman to scale Mount Everest alone.

He was born in England and grew up in the Scottish Highlands.

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