Pancake Day: Amanda Holden, police dogs and more celebrate on social media

Celebrities, sports teams and thousands more took to social on Shrove Tuesday to show off their pancakes.

Britain’s Got Talent’s Amanda Holden got to grips with the annual tradition by sharing a slow motion video of her flipping skills.

Meanwhile, Tottenham Hotspur enlisted the talents of pancake-making connoisseurs Dancakes, headed by Daniel James Drake, to create portraits of their players.

Harry Kane, Son Heung-min and manager Mauricio Pochettino were all immortalised in batter, until the pancakes are eaten of course.

Fellow football teams Chelsea and Manchester City were also prepared for the big day.

England cricketer Stuart Broad may bat left-handed but it turns out he flips pancakes with the same arm he bowls, his right.

Yorkshire County Cricket Club decided to rename the celebration for their county.

They tweeted: “Happy Flat Yorkshire Pudding Day!”

Commuters were given a sweet treat as London St Pancras station was renamed “St Pancake”.

The joke was accompanied by some rail passengers being given ingredients to make their own pancakes when they got home.

In the world of film the official UK Twitter account for Star Wars enlisted the help of another pancake artist, this time to recreate some classic characters.

The account added the tip: “Your pancakes will only burn if you turn them to the Dark Side…”

While on the small screen, the BBC’s EastEnders shared their apparent joy that Pancake Day had come, by sharing a Gif of an ecstatic-looking Phil Mitchell.

Some tried to show off their skills by passing their fried treats between pans, something the National Trust managed perfectly, if with a little video editing.

When children’s television stars Sooty and Sweep gave passing the pancake a go though, things went badly wrong.

And finally over on the other side of the globe, South Australia Police showed their dog Chester is more interested in eating pancakes than flipping them.

The police force tweeted: “Happy Pancake Day from Police Dog Chester.

“PD Chester’s favourite pancake topping is more pancakes.”

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