Dua Lipa criticises social media hypocrites

Dua Lipa has called out online hypocrites who claim to support women’s rights before making harsh comments on social media.

The 23-year-old singer criticised those who say they support gender equality but then behave poorly behind a cloak of anonymity on the internet.

Dua Lipa with her Brit Award
Dua Lipa with her Brit Award

Lipa told ITV News: “It feels like out in the open we’re very much pro-women, supporting each other, looking after each other, sisterhood, and then there’s kind of a darker side when you go on social media.

“It feels like the same people that are preaching for all this equality and looking after each other it doesn’t feel so equal online.

“It always feels like because people can hide behind a computer screen they can also say whatever they want.”

The Brit Award-winner added that some are “very hypocritical” for making public proclamations in support for women, but then go online to make comparisons between two women.