What the papers say – March 5

The Government’s handling of the knife crime “crisis” leads many of Tuesday’s papers.

Several also picture The Prodigy front man Keith Flint, who has died aged 49.

There has been “outrage” at the Prime Minister’s insistence that there is “no direct correlation between certain crimes and police numbers”, The Guardian reports.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid is meeting with police chiefs to discuss the issue, the i says.

A Police Federation chief has told the Daily Telegraph that emergency stop-and-search powers need to be introduced.

The Metro picks up on a former Met Police chief’s assessment that the fight against knife crime has been left in the “dark ages”.

But the Daily Mail asks how many more teens have to die while MPs and police argue over how to deal with the issue.

Parents of young victims are calling for urgent action to end the knife crime emergency that has turned streets into “war zones”, the Daily Express says.

The Daily Mirror says it is also demanding the Prime Minister takes urgent action to tackle the “shocking” rise in teenage victims.

In other news, The Sun leads with Flint’s death, reporting that he took his own life.

The Times says it has been told some state schools are asking parents to donate hundreds of pounds a year.

And the Financial Times reports on Mrs May’s actions that could protect Crown dependencies such as the Isle of Man and Guernsey from new transparency rules.

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