'Heavy-handed' cops repeatedly knee man during arrest

This is the shocking moment Geoff Boyson, 40, suffered suspected broken ribs and cuts after being arrested by Northamptonshire Police for a crime he was later cleared of in court.

The incident happened at a convenience store in Northampton on January 28, 2018, when Mr Boyson attempted to intervene in a row between bailiffs and the shop's owners. Mr Boyson knew the owners because they visited the cafe next door where his wife Michelle worked.

The bailiffs accused him of interfering with their duties and called the police who came to arrest him.

Following his arrest Mr Boyson was charged with assaulting a police officer but was found not guilty after a trial at Wellingborough Magistrates Court in January.

Mr Boyson told the Daily Mail: "I didn't want to get arrested so I went to leave.

"As I was exiting, a police officer grabbed me and pulled me to the ground. I had a bad back at the time and didn't resist arrest at all.

"They kicked and kneed me. They both hit me quite hard. It was completely unnecessary. It was absolutely appalling treatment. I didn't deserve it. I just wanted to help."

It is claimed the bailiffs were chasing a debt for the previous owners of the shop, but the new owner was struggling to communicate because of poor English.

Mr Boyson added "I was just trying to mediate between them and be helpful. I tried to explain that it's not their debt but I was told to leave. The shop owners had letters to prove it. They accused me of interfering and said I had no business to be there."

Police told Mr Boyson to leave the store or face being arrested. He was then bundled to the floor and subsequently keep in custody until later that evening.

Mr Boyson claims doctors at Northampton General Infirmary told him he had suspected broken ribs, but was not given an x-ray.

He added: "The [police] complaints process is very slow and quite frustrating. It hasn't finished yet and is still ongoing. But they have said it's clear I showed no aggression. I want something to be done about it.

"They can't get away with doing what they did."

Northamptonshire Police have said: "A complaint from a 40-year-old man was recorded five days after an incident which occurred on January 28, 2018.

"An internal investigation into the circumstances of this complaint could not begin until a subsequent court case had concluded, so as not to undermine the legal proceedings.

"Now these proceedings are complete, the complaint will be investigated fully by the force's Professional Standards Department, in line with the College of Policing's Code of Ethics and relevant statutory guidance.

"It would be inappropriate to comment further while a complaint investigation is ongoing.'"

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