What will Harry and Meghan buy for their baby?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will opt for nurturing baby slings and eco-friendly reusable nappies as they care for their baby, according to one parenting expert.

Emma Kendell, editor of Mother&Baby magazine, suggested Harry, with his focus on mental health campaigning, would be prepped to check on Meghan’s emotional well-being after the birth, perhaps with the aid of a new hi-tech baby monitor.

Harry and Meghan holding hands
Harry and Meghan holding hands during an official engagement (Phil Noble/PA)

The royal baby is due to put in an appearance at the end of April or early in May, with the couple excitedly looking forward to the arrival of their first child.

Even before Meghan was pregnant, she joked about all the baby paraphernalia they would need when shown products from the Shnuggle range during a trip to Belfast.

Harry and Meghan look at baby products
Sinead Murphy from Shnuggle shows Meghan and Harry a baby bath in Belfast (Niall Carson/PA)

The former Suits star laughed, gestured to a non-slip bath on view and said: “I’m sure at some point we’ll need the whole (lot).”

Ms Kendell said the Queen’s grandson Harry and LA-born Meghan would clearly be “great parents”.

“I’m confident Meghan and Harry will parent in their very own way, picking and choosing what suits their lifestyle – which is going to make their journey really interesting to watch,” she said.

“They’re going to be great parents and we’re all excited to see what they get up to as mum and dad to a new royal babe.

“Their wedding showed that they’re very good at giving a nod to tradition but then mixing it up big time.”

Harry and Meghan greet a youngster in Australia
Harry and Meghan are already known for their natural approach towards youngsters on royal engagements (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

Looking at parenting trends and products, Ms Kendell said a baby carrier was almost certain to be on their shopping list.

“I think we can safely assume that Meghan will be a baby-wearer, with all the cradling she’s been doing of her baby bump,” Ms Kendell said.

“And I’m sure Harry is with Daniel Craig in knowing that dads do baby-wearing too.”

Bond actor Craig has been seen carrying his baby daughter in a papoose.

Ms Kendell suggested Harry and Meghan might choose the Boba X carrier, which costs £125 and allows a newborn to be carried inward-facing on the front and later as a toddler on your front or back.

The Boba X baby carrier
The Boba X baby carrier (Boba/PA)

Other options include Boba’s range of stretchy wraps, including one made of a cotton/bamboo mix, and another made of organic French Terry cotton, both costing £42.

The Boba Bamboo wrap
The Boba Bamboo wrap in the colour ‘bloom’ (Boba/PA)

Ms Kendell picked out the wearable Elvie Pump, costing £249, as a key choice for breastfeeding mothers.

“If Meghan chooses to breastfeed, then the new Elvie wearable breast pump is a must so Harry can help with the night feeds,” she said.

“It wowed mums in the Mother&Baby Big Test.”

The small, lightweight hands-free pump is silent, has no tubes or wires and fits inside a standard nursing bra.

It also has smart features that can be used with an app, allowing remote control, live milk monitoring and tracking of pumping session times and quantities.

The wearable Elvie pump
The wearable Elvie pump (Elvie/PA)

The environmentally-conscious Sussexes may want to do their bit by going for reusable nappies.

“Reusable nappies from Close Parent are a must for any modern planet-conscious parent,” Ms Kendell said.

Close Parent's Pop-in newborn nappy featuring a squirrel pattern
Close Parent’s Pop-in newborn nappy featuring a squirrel pattern (Close Parent/PA)

A washable Pop-in newborn printed tiger nappy by Close Parent currently costs £9.99.

Close Parent's Pop-in newborn printed tiger nappy
Close Parent’s Pop-in newborn printed tiger nappy (Close Parent/PA)

Meghan could also choose to co-ordinate her skincare routine with her baby.

Kit & Kin’s Mum and Baby Bundle of natural hypoallergenic products costs £54.99 and includes body butter, breast balm and stretch mark oil for the mother, as well as body oil, hair and body wash and bubble bath for baby.

Ms Kendell singled out the new Bluebell smart monitoring system, priced at £299, as perfect for keeping a close eye on the royal baby and new mother Meghan.

“With Harry being so supportive of the mental health campaign Heads Together, I think he’s going to be very proactive when it comes to supporting Meghan’s mental well-being as she adjusts to being a mum,” Ms Kendell said.

“The only monitor for the royal household to consider is the new Bluebell monitor, as it’ll support Meghan’s well-being as well.”

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— Bluebell (@Bluebellfamily) February 1, 2019

The state-of-the-art Bluebell includes a monitor, which clips to the baby’s clothes, which can track and issue alerts on breathing, skin temperature, position, sleep, activity and when the baby cries.

The parent wristband keeps count of a parent’s sleep, steps and activity level, and shows updates from the baby monitor.

The Bluebell monitor and parent wristband
The Bluebell monitor and parent wristband, costing £299 (Bluebell/PA)

It can also be used to record feeding and nappy changing times.

All readings are synced to a smart hub and a mobile app, which also encourages the mother or father to track their own mood and offers intermittent checks on their mental well-being.

The Bluebell can be pre-ordered and will be available in May.

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