Real-life wedding crasher caught stealing gifts

Police are searching for a California wedding crasher who made off with some of the newlyweds' gifts.

Surveillance footage captured the unidentified man approaching the gift box of cards and cash as guests waited in line to greet the bride and groom.

In the video, he drapes his coat over the box, appears to glance around and then carries it away without being noticed. The couple, Maribel and Anthony Nolasco, got married in Monrovia, California.

Anthony, a nurse, and Maribel, a respiratory therapist, met at the hospital where they both work, so they know each other's invitees.

"As soon as I saw the video, he stood out. I said, I don't know that guy because everyone we invited we have known for years," Anthony told NBC.

"Everyone is oblivious because everyone is having a good time," Anthony added. "It's a terrible thing, but we didn't let it ruin our night. I'm still happy I have my beautiful wife".

"He slides the box to the corner of the table, looks around, takes off his jacket, puts it in his jacket and starts walking out," Maribel said of the bridal bandit.

Local police are attempting to use facial recognition technology to identify the man, and contacting other police departments who may have seen the same type of crime.

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