Fund to support independent shops in Glasgow’s Saltmarket

A new fund has been set up to support independent shops in an area of Glasgow city centre.

The Independent Retail Fund (IRF) is available to tenants and owners of occupied shops along the city’s Saltmarket and the High Street.

Grants of £3,000 for single units and £5,000 for double units will be made available to help enhance or redecorate properties and carry out other improvements such as upgrading signage or window displays.

It comes as part of a five-year plan for the wider regeneration of the historic area that is home to around 6,000 people, with attractions such as the Barras, Glasgow Green and the Necropolis.

TRNSMT festival
TRNSMT festival

Councillor Angus Millar said: “The Independent Retail Fund is an important part of our strategy to regenerate the High Street area in Glasgow.

“This particular type of support can be crucial in attracting and keeping independent shops in the area, boosting the local economy and ensuring it develops into a vibrant quarter of Glasgow that is a great location to live and work in, as well as visit.

“We will work with any eligible local retailer who is interested in using this fund to improve their business.”

One of the IRF’s recipients is Bonjour, a new inclusive bar and creative community hub in the area.

Andrew Sim, co-director at Bonjour Ltd, said: “The High Street/Saltmarket area of Glasgow is changing rapidly, due to years of hard work and investment from the local community and the council.

“The shopfront improvement grant from the Independent Retail Fund will help us open a community-focused LGBTQ+ venue in this historic part of the city.”