Customers fight in Chinese Starbucks over limited edition cat-claw mug

Customers in a Starbucks' store in China's Shaanxi Province were filmed fighting over a limited edition cat-claw mug.

In the video, captured in Xi'an City, a newly released mug from Starbucks, shaped like a cat's paw, is filled up with milk in front of the camera, showing off the unique mould.

In another clip, a woman and a man are fighting in front of the checkout counter, while another man with a cap, one of the woman's relations, joins the fight to try to help her.

According to onlookers, the man with a cap had an argument with the man in a black jacket, when they both waited in the queue. Then the woman who stopped their original argument got into a fight with the man in the black jacket. The fight lasted for two minutes and was finally stopped by the shop staff.

According to reports, the cat-claw mug, which is one of a new collection of Starbucks cherry blossom products, was on sale on and a large number of fans started to queue from the night before.

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