Kate champions ‘awe-inspiring’ nurses on first anniversary of global campaign

The Duchess of Cambridge has praised the “awe-inspiring” dedication and professionalism of nurses on the first anniversary of the Nursing Now campaign.

Kate, who is patron of the global initiative to raise the status and profile of nurses, issued a message of support highlighting the vital role they play in health teams.

The duchess wrote: “I am delighted that, at the end of its first year, Nursing Now has grown internationally, with local and national groups in over 60 countries.

“Nurses play a vital role in health teams all around the world, and this campaign is doing an important job of raising their status and profile globally.”

She added: “The dedication and professionalism of nurses is awe-inspiring.

“It is wonderful news that the World Health Organisation executive board has announced that 2020 will be the Year of the Nurse and Midwife.

“This is a fitting celebration of the 20 million nurses worldwide and we hope that more young people will be attracted into nursing careers to ensure that the principle that health is for everyone, everywhere, becomes a reality.

Kate officially launched Nursing Now in February last year.

The three-year drive aims to empower nurses to take their place at the heart of tackling 21st century health challenges.

It also works towards encouraging health leaders to invest in nursing.

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