Airline seats equipped with cameras pointed at passengers sparks security concerns

Planes operated by three of the world's largest airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines and Singapore Airlines have cameras preinstalled in seat-back entertainment systems.

The issue was raised after a passenger on a Singapore Airlines flight posted a photo of the seat-back display last week and the tweet was shared several hundred times.

Planes operated by American Airlines and United Airlines also have the hi-tech seat-back entertainment systems that come with a camera.

According to the Associated Press, it is likely that planes with other airlines will also have these cameras.

This raises questions around what the cameras will be used for, will passengers be secretly filmed, whether it be for security, or customer research?

The three airlines all announced over the weekend that they have never activated the cameras and do not intend to use them.

An American Airlines spokesperson told "Cameras are a standard feature on many in-flight entertainment systems used by multiple airlines.

"Manufacturers of those systems have included cameras for possible future uses such as seat-to-seat video conferencing.

"While these cameras are present on some American Airlines in-flight entertainment systems as delivered from the manufacturer, they have never been activated and American is not considering using them."

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