Jess Phillips' perfect response to Labour voter who says she should quit

When a caller told Birmingham MP, Jess Phillips, she should quit the party for criticising Jeremy Corbyn, the free-thinking politician had the perfect comeback.

Phillips was covering for James O'Brien on the day that a ninth Labour MP, Ian Austin, left the party. Anne, one of Jess' constituents and had voted for her at the 2017 election, offered some warm words before she became outraged with the way she has not stood by Jeremy Corbyn.

"In recent months, the way you acted is just absolutely disgusting and despicable. I have been a Labour voter my whole life and I've never seen an MP act so dishonest", Anne said.

She went on: "I don't understand why you are still in the party. You disagree with the leader.

"You've joined a party who has a leader. If you don't agree with the leader, don't be a member of the party."

But Jess hit back with the perfect response, asking Anne, if Jeremy Corbyn should have left the Labour party for speaking out against successive Labour leaders.

Anne told Jess: "No, because it's a left-wing party and you don't believe in left-wing policies."

But it was Jess' final words to Anne, that summed up why this MP won't be leaving Labour anytime soon and will be firmly staying in the party.

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