Russia planning to disconnect from global network with separate internet system

Russia is planning to disconnect its internet infrastructure from the global network - as a test of its cyber-defences.

It means data from its own organisations and users would stay within Russia, rather than being distributed globally.

The test is expected to happen before April 1st, but no exact date has been confirmed.

The draft law, entitled the Digital Economy National Programme, necessitates the country making sure their own local networks can continue to function in the event the West tries to seal the Kremlin off from the wider web.

Strategists have claimed that the West may decide to take extreme action in the event of a wider military conflict or continued interference in Western democracies. Russia is accused of cyber attacks on other nations and organisations, including interference in Western elections and referendums.

The eventual plan is for all Russia's internet traffic to go through routers inside the country and thus bypassing global servers.

Critics believe it is an attempt to set up a mass censorship system similar to the Great Fire Wall of China.

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