Koala gets a major case of the grumps

This koala got a major case of the grumps after he was caught trying to sneak into a home via the cat flap in Crafers, South Australia.

Breton Park and his mate were playing a scary game on a Playstation when they heard a strange tapping at the back door."My friend went to investigate but heard and found nothing so came back to the lounge," Park said in a post on YouTube.

"The tapping continued and I got up and looked outside through the windows and turned the outside light on. The cat flap moved and I jumped back to see a koala at the door. Quickly raced back to get my phone and filmed it."

In the video, filmed by Park, the koala can be seen tapping on the glass with its claws and peering through the cat flap.The koala was none too happy about getting caught – and sat at the door growling for several minutes.