British team wins the coolest lawnmower race on earth

British team 'Les Racing' have won the annual Lawnmower Ice Grand Prix in Finland.

The lawnmower race event was held outside the rural town of Lavia on the frozen Lake 'Karhijärvi,' some 250 km from Helsinki.

Drivers with their backup teams from Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Estonia and of course Finland, had to complete as many laps of the 850-metre circuit as possible within a 12-hour time frame.

The race started at 9am local time but was stopped after 7 hours of racing as the circuit developed several large holes where water started pouring through from the lake below.

In the end, 'Les Racing' from Britain were crowned winners as they were leading at the time.

The very British sport of Lawnmower racing has gained popularity Worldwide with many countries such as America and Australia adopting the sport with their own racing associations.

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